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Concept by Corsina Andriano (Con-Fusion) and Rodrigo Simas (DMBrasil). Realization by Fabio Deledda (Con-Fusion's webmaster). Content by Corsina Andriano, Elena Pizzetti, Giancarlo Belloni, Luca Centra and Livio Piubeni. Translation into English by Carla Melis, Elena Pizzetti, Riccardo Ranzato and Benedetta Copeta (Con-Fusion). Translation into Portuguese by Nathalie Colas (DMBrasil), into french by Paul Hebert (, into spanish by Miguel Angel Cid (DMBla) and translated into german by Rena Purnhagen and Frank Helleken ( Photos by Luca Cepparo, Rodrigo Simas, Gatto Caboto and Matteo Lari.

Thanks to D'Alessandro&Galli for having brought the Dave Matthews Band back to Italy, particularly to Maddalena and Carlo for their kindness and helpfulness. Thanks to Paolo Carù, Director of Buscadero and thanks to Ezio Guaitamaccchi, Director of Jam for their support, the friendship and the cooperation. Thanks to the Joe Busted Band, the feather in the cap of the International Party organized by Con-Fusion at the beginning of the DMB Italian tour, and everybody from all over the world who took part in this event. Thanks to the American management, the crew and to the Dave Matthews Band for their warm welcome and for three unforgettable concerts. And thanks to Con-Fusion, that made this a special tour.